My Spartan Warriors and ¾ Year Review Invitation

Uncategorized Sep 28, 2021

2 things to share with you today. 

First, I’m hosting a complimentary community call on Saturday October 2nd enticingly titled (insert fanfare noises) The ¾ Year Review.

If you feel like: 

  • you’re always on the go 
  • that your life is very busy and stressful
  • there don’t seem to be enough hours in the day 
  • you kind of have that ‘wind-blown look’ just from day to day living;

this call will help you get a handle on things.

One of the key teachings in Courageous Self-Care is to create a better relationship with time, and one way to do that is to look to the past with gratitude (rather than regret) and towards the future with anticipation (rather than fear).

During this 90 minute workshop-style call, you’ll get practical experience in honouring what has already happened and then we’ll set some intentions for the final quarter of 2021 so that you finish strong, clear and content.

You can expect to leave the call with: 

  • Increased clarity (so you can make plans that align with your values and thus feel more fulfilled)
  • More energy (because we’ll be doing fun things like dancing and celebrating)
  • A sense of refreshment (because we’ll be taking a break from all the go-go-GO!)
  • The realization that you’ve had more success than you gave yourself credit for

You’ll also feel so organized and proud of yourself for taking action towards the life you really want to be living.

The Details

Date: Saturday Oct 2nd

Time: 10am Pacific/ 11am Mountain/ 1pm Eastern

Duration: 90 wonderful minutes

Cost: nothing

How to Join: I’ll send you a zoom link prior to the call

What you need: 

-journal and pen

-a nice drink (like lemon water)

-your calendar/planner

-some space to move (because we won’t be sitting the whole time) (I’m adamantly opposed to ‘numb bum’)

-a candle to light if you feel so inclined

I’m really excited to share the powerful process with you (if it’s a fit, of course). If you’re like “Um, no” then you can trust it’s not for you at this time.

Now, on to my Spartan Warriors.

A couple of weekends ago, my husband, Paul, my daughter, Zoe, and my son, Oakley, competed in a Spartan Race.

If you’ve heard of those before, you’re probably like, “Whoa”.

If you’ve never heard of a Spartan Race, they are obstacle course races that are meant to make you question your sanity and dig deep to find the strength and endurance you didn’t know you had.

I didn’t feel the need to partake, so my role was to hold stuff, take photos, try to stay warm and cheer on my amazing family.

Paul and Zoe did the 5km race that had 20 obstacles. Oakley did the kids race which was 3km and had 10 obstacles. 

You may be wondering what the obstacles are like. (When I found out, it confirmed that I didn’t need to be a Spartan Warrior.) They did things like climb ropes, jump in cold mud pits (that was the clincher for me), crawl under barbed wire fences, throw spears at targets, climb up and down giant A frame structures, carry sandbags, buckets and giant stones weighing between 35-100lbs; you get the idea.

Proud Mom Alert: Oakley won his race! Zoe was feeling bummed about that (being the competitive sort) until she found out she finished second in her age category. That put a smile on her face. Paul ended up doing really well too.

Oakley not quite believing what he just did :)

Here’s my takeaway from the experience. A part of me wondered if I would have benefited from doing the race. After all, I was really competitive as a teenage athlete and I thrived on physical challenges. 

The two ideas that I call forth when doubt flickers about choices I’ve made are:

1-You know you made the right choice because it’s the one you made.

(Point blank. No arguing with that one!)

2-When I was considering doing the race, I asked myself: Am I at capacity or do I have extra capacity for training and doing the race? The answer was also very clear. I was totally at capacity.

The capacity question has been a game-changer for me when it comes to making decisions. I always get a clear yes or no, and there’s no judgement involved. After all, if you’re at capacity, you’re at capacity.

I invite you to incorporate that question into your decision-making too. It will help to ensure that you’re not taking on too much and it also helps to strengthen your ability to act on your intuition.

Okay, I hope that was helpful for you and I also hope to see you on next week’s ¾ Year Review call. It will be so fun to connect beyond these emails :)

With boundless love and warrior-like courage,


Creator of Courageous Self-Care

Happiest when not covered in mud

Facilitator of Amazingly Useful Review/Planning Sessions

PS- If you’re going to attend the complimentary 90 minute call on Oct 2nd, be sure to mark your calendar now so you create sacred space for yourself. Details are above.