Have I told you about lions and comfort zone expansion?

Uncategorized Oct 20, 2020

The other day, I was laying in bed thinking about all of the wild and weird things I’ve done in the name of personal development. Perhaps you’d like to sneak a peek at a few of them? Just make sure you take off your Supreme Court Justice cap (because you may be tempted to judge some of them!)

These adventures happened at various courses I attended all over North America; on beaches in Mexico, lavender fields in California, mountains in British Columbia, hotel ballrooms all over the place, at the foot of a Rocky Mountain glacier, oh... and even in a yurt in an old growth rainforest.

Ok, are you ready? Here’s an abbreviated list of ways I’ve abandoned my comfort zone. 

I have: 

-walked on fire

-swallowed fire

-hiked up a mountain with bricks in my backpack

-stood on my chair in a room of 400+ people, yelling, “Pick Me!” when everyone else just politely raised their hands

-skinny dipped in the ocean in the dark (terrifying)

-married myself (full ceremony included)

-sung a lullaby on stage in my underwear (mortifying)

-sung about my problems in an operatic style (hilarious)

-broke an arrow with that soft spot under the throat

-bent rebar with that same little throaty soft spot

-smashed a needle - pointy side up- with the palm of my hand without getting punctured (whew!)

-recounted an emotional situation using an enthusiastic Italian accent (pretty fun)

-picked my nose on stage and had a 2 year old type tantrum (also mortifying) 

-pretended to be a drunk mother changing her baby’s diaper

-shared one of the worst moment of my life on stage

-shared one of the funniest moments of my life on stage

-pretended to be a lion in heat, trying to attract another “lion” from the other side of the room

-done a variety of rebirth and trance dance experiences

-laid on the floor while someone played didgeridoo all around my body, another person hit a gong nearby, a third person played a very vigorous violin and a woman shrieked loudly (It was called a sound bath… I thought it was more like a sound tsunami. But it was strangely awesome.)

-done breath work so intense my body has been temporarily paralyzed

-sat on another adult’s lap and told them the worst things I’ve done in my life and then let them hug me

-cried so hard after reliving my forceps birth that it took 3 people to help me “come back”

-stared into countless people’s eyes for a really long time

-done a high ropes course blindfolded


-prowled around like a cat, while everyone else did the same… of course the Pink Panther theme song was included

I wanted to share that list to illustrate that I’ve been willing to go to great lengths to grow as a human being. In fact, I even paid a lot of money and traveled great distances for the honours to be told to do those things.

That’s because the greatest journey we get to go on in this life is that of personal discovery. Much, if not all, of that personal discovery happens at the end of the comfort zone. As a result of all of those adventures, I’ve experienced huge growth that has resulted in my life getting better and better.

So now, my point.

In all of the dozens of courses and programs I’ve completed and all the books I’ve studied over the last decade and a half, there’s been one program that really captured my attention. 

It stands out because it explains the core of all the other stuff I’ve been learning.

It stands out because it answers questions that I thought there were no answers to.

It stands out because since I completed the program, the good in my life has amplified exponentially. (And that’s been in 2020!)

Obviously, I’m excited to share what I’ve learned with you, because from this point forward, your life will never be as hard as it’s been up until now. It could truly be all downhill from here on in.

And you won’t have to do anything from the wild and weird list of personal growth. (Unless you decide to do it on your own time, because some of it is just downright fun! I mean, c’mon… lions in heat? *snarls playfully)

If you’ve been with me for awhile, you’ll know that it’s rare for me to run courses and make offers to work with me. I’ve had some personal blocks around that, but now, because of the powerful work I’ve been doing, those blocks are dissolving. You wouldn’t believe how many courses I’ve created without telling anyone - and that’s just silly.

I can't help you with secret courses!

My commitment to you (and to myself) is to be much more audacious. Timidity creates nothing and serves no one. I will continue to endeavour to provide great free content to you and, moving forward, if you'd like to get some more personal support, there will be a variety of amazing options for you.

We’ll be getting started with a new course in November and from there, I’ll be rolling out a number of masterclasses and other fun and transformative stuff.

So! Take a look at this hot-off-the-presses new offering and see what you think. It’s called How to Streamline your Self-Care with Practices that Really Work. We’ll be taking 6 weeks to learn about the content I’ve been studying this year that’s been oh! so! revolutionary! 

Have a look-see by clicking here. 

In the meantime, I encourage you to consider what you’ve done in the name of personal growth as well. It’s an entertaining little trip down memory lane, at the very least. 

With lots of love and piles of courage,