An invitation to spruce up your boundaries

Uncategorized Mar 16, 2021

How are your boundaries?


If you’re anything like many of my clients, you’re aware that your boundaries could use some help, but you don’t really know where to start. So you kind of leave it up to chance. And that isn’t going so well.


Or perhaps you’re like me when I first heard about boundaries. They sounded like a good idea, but I didn’t even really know why one would want boundaries.


Here are some signs that your boundaries could use a little spring cleaning.


You’re experiencing occasional or frequent: 




>compulsion to say yes, even when you want nothing more than to say no

>caving in with persistent requests

>fear of what others might think of you (particularly around appearing selfish)

>sacrificing of your own needs to take care of others 


Whew! If you said oui! oui! to even one of those things then here’s what I suggest.


1-Get clear on what you really want. If you just have a sort of vague notion, then it’s really easy to let other people walk all over your plans, not to mention your vision for your life. 


2-Speaking of plans, once you have clarity, it’s really very extremely important to get your plans down on paper on a regular basis. That’s why I do a weekly Sacred Success Sunday Review personally and with my clients. It helps me stay on track and feel uber-organized (which is important for strong boundary setting). 


3-Practice saying yes when it’s a heart-felt yes to incoming requests and no when it’s not. Oh-so-much-easier-said-than-done, right? Here’s where languaging is really important. It takes practice to say no to others and yes to yourself. Experiment with language that makes you feel empowered, kind and confident. Baby steps are important here.


Not sure how to really make these things happen?


Great news! This month’s Self-Care Masterclass is all about How to Set Better Boundaries. It’s a practical workshop where you’ll have time and guidance on how to get clear about what you want, get more organized and say more powerful yes’s to yourself as you say confident and kind no’s to others. 


Plus, you’ll learn how to set great energetic boundaries so that you’ll gain tons more energy (although I don’t know that energy can really be measured in tons, but you get my drift, right?) 


The best thing about the Self-Care Masterclasses is that they take high-level spiritual concepts and bring them into very practical, actionable steps that you’ll be able to start implementing immediately. 


Take this Masterclass once and you’ll be set for life on what it takes to have great boundaries. Any time you feel like your boundaries are out of whack (because as you grow and do courageous things, your boundaries will need to be enforced regularly), you can come back to the recording, do the exercises in the class and be good to go again.


And - Oh! Here’s a lovely idea that came to me in meditation the other day… When you register for the upcoming Energy Codes Book Study, you’ll get the Boundaries Masterclass as a bonus. If you’ve already registered, watch for the masterclass details coming to an inbox near you soon. As in your own personal inbox. I’m assuming it’s near you. 


It works the other way around, too. Join the Better Boundaries Masterclass and get the Energy Codes Book Study as a bonus. You’ll experience so much goodness between these two classes that you’ll hardly be able to believe all the amazing experiences coming your way.  


And, there’s an Early Bird Special happening until midnight on March 17 for the Book Study, so if you’re on the fence, it will be good to make your choice tout suite and jump on that before the special goes away. (It really will go away, just so you know. That’s me giving you an example of a great boundary.) 


Want to know all the details?  

Go to this link for the Better Boundaries Masterclass. 


Go to this link for the Energy Codes Book Study. The early bird special is in the FAQ at the bottom. 


All set for great energy, an exceptionally fulfilling life and phenomenal boundaries? Don’t go to any links. 


Questions? Let me know at [email protected].


And if nothing else, start implementing steps 1-3 from above to get yourself off to a great start with better boundaries.  


With boundless love and actionable courage,



>Creator of Courageous Self-Care

>Not-So-Last Minute Blog-Writer (this week - yay!)

>Brownie Connoisseur (Have you tried the Oh She Glows Ultimate Flourless Brownies?!? Seriously. Do. You can thank me later.)

PS - March 17 is tomorrow! Happy St Patrick's Day. And also, that's the early bird deadline :)