How to Have More Time

Uncategorized Feb 02, 2021

So, I’m boldly declaring that February is the month of Time, at least in the world of Courageous Self-Care. I have many thoughts about time and I’ve come a long way with time (pun #1) so I feel like there are some golden nuggets to share over the upcoming weeks.

For today, here’s what I want to say about time: It’s all about your relationship with it. And it all has to do with being present.

This weekend, my family went to Banff. Here’s us doing some cross country skiing in the glorious Rockies. 

And here’s my daughter, Zoe, with a cool snow sculpture (pun #2). Which is also a hot snow sculpture, because there’s a fire made out of snow!

Ok, slide show is over. Here comes the point.

I used to be the kind of person who would say things like, “It was too short,” (in response to the question: How was your weekend?)

Or I might have said, “It was great, but it was so busy”.

I don’t say things like that anymore and here’s why.

I’ve worked on being much more present so I can enjoy what’s true in the moment. 

For example, during the weekend in Banff, there were so many precious instants that I was able to savour. 

Like the moment where my husband and I played a game while we waited in line for our Indian takeout.

And the moment where Zoe asked me to slow down a little on my cross country skis as we climbed an epic hill, because she wanted to ski beside me and chat. (If you’ve experienced teenage girls, you’ll understand why that’s such a gift.)

And the moment when tears spilled out of my eyes as I watched the musical Hamilton (legendary!... the musical, not my tears… they were just normal salty tears.)

And the moment when my son Oakley gave me one of his delicious hugs.

This leads me to my tip on being present:

Be where you are.

I use that phrase as a constant companion. Kind of like My Buddy. Do you remember that lifesize doll for boys from the 80s? My Buddy and Me!

The practice I use to ‘be where I am’ is that of lingering. Lingering is when you stay in a moment just a little longer than you normally would so that you can get the most out of it. Like in a hug, for instance. I invite you to hold on and feel the goodness while you’re in the hug just a smidgen of time longer than you normally would. 

Why? Because lingering slows down time. It helps you digest what’s there and really feel deep gratitude for it.

The second tip today to watch what you say about time. Think of it like you’re best friend. Do you go around saying to your best friend, “You’re not enough!”? I’m guessing that you don’t. 

As soon as I started thinking more kindly about time and eliminating phrases like “I’m so busy,” time started giving me gifts, as good friends do.

And the kind of gifts that time gives are… gifts of time! As in having more of it. And feeling like it’s becoming more expansive.

So my weekend in Banff was just right. I felt fulfilled, satisfied and fully alive. 

This week, notice your thoughts and words about time. If anything falls out of your mouth that makes you feel stressed or short on time, consider changing it up to something that helps improve your relationship with time.

And also, linger. Stay in some goodness just a little longer than you normally would. Treasure the moments that you would usually skim over. Breathe a little deeper, hold eye contact and smile a little longer, extend your gratitude for a few more beats.

You’ll be friends with time in no time. (And that makes a trio of puns… not my plan, but there you go.) 

With eons of love and eternities of courage,


PS - Heads up… on the last Friday of February, I’ll be doing a Masterclass about How to Overcome Procrastination. Exciting! And in keeping with the theme of Time! Details to follow!