How to Have More Fun at your Holiday Gatherings

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2022

Happy all the things! (Solstice + Whatever else you’re celebrating at this time of long nights and winter fun.)

Here’s the kind of winter fun I’m having: yesterday my son, Oakley, and I went for a walk in the -39C/-38F but sunny day. It took about six layers including two down jackets, but we totally felt like we had accomplished something significant.


Three things for today.


Thing 1

Would you like to know how to have more fun at your holiday gatherings (or any gathering for that matter)? Click here to read my latest article for Brainz magazine. You’ll discover 3 super fun activities that will ensure more connection, harmony and love this holiday season.

Picture glowing smiles, bright sparkling eyes, laughter and palpable love. That’s what you’ll get when you uplevel your table conversation using any of these suggestions. My very best wishes are coming your way for your most meaningful holiday ever.

Thing 2

Can you really hope to manifest your heart’s desires in the coming year if you haven’t created conscious closure for 2022? I really don’t think so. Ever since I started doing a Year End Retrospective, I’ve noticed that manifesting has become a lot more effective.

Here’s what I suggest. Make sure that you do some sort of Year End Review. Really prioritize that time to take a look back and gather information for how you lived this year. When you do that, you’ll be able to bring completion so you’re not dragging 2022’s dirty laundry along with you. 

Even more importantly, your review should include gratitude and celebration because the more you participate in those vibrations, the more you’ll be in alignment with the true energy of the Universe.

You can totally design your own Year End Review or, if you would benefit from some guidance and the accountability of showing up for yourself, please consider the Courageous Self-Care Year End Retrospective happening on Tuesday, December 27th. All the details are here.

Thing 3

Along the same lines but with a little more ritual and sacred ceremony, you’re also invited to the Conscious New Year’s Celebration on the morning of December 31st. 

The brain actually needs ritual to evolve and so I’ve created a really special and profound online experience where you can wrap things up for 2022, let go of whatever’s no longer serving you and call in your heart’s desires for 2023. When you get nature and the elements involved, you don’t have to do all the work yourself. Phew!

Details are here.

I would sure love to help you connect with authentic presence (which is the very thing humans want the most) by gathering together at one or both of these events. It could very well be the most important thing you do in the last weeks of this year.

However you’re spending your time during these holy days, I wish for you love, laughter, happiness, contentment and connection.

With deep love and profound courage,


>Creator of Courageous Self-Care

>Adept at moving about in many layers of clothing

>Lover of meaningful conversations


PS - If you are getting a little tug in your heart to attend both events, there’s a lovely special price. Send an email to [email protected] to request the super secret link.