Here’s why I have faith in humanity

Uncategorized May 16, 2023

Well, it’s been quite a week over here (in all the best ways possible).

My daughter, Zoe, turned 18! Celebrations were had. With black forest cake. And Oakley singing like a choirboy.

As a parent, one of my highlights of the occasion is that Zoe is more interested in getting to vote than she is in drinking alcohol. Hooray! And as luck would have it, there’s an election this very month. What perfect timing.

Zoe was born on Mother’s Day so every few years we share that day. This year, however, her birthday was as far away from Mother’s Day as possible, which was fitting, what with her venturing forth into adulthood and all.

Which takes us to the next celebration. Mother’s Day.

First, I received these lovely cards. Oakley’s made me laugh. (It has a play-by-play account of what he said he's heard a million times from Dr Sue teaching yoga.)


Zoe’s made me cry. 


Next, we had spectacular oat pancakes and berry sauce (after all the ultra-healthy drinks and smoothies I’m enforcing these days).

Then we went for a hike at Grotto Canyon near Canmore. (We’re getting close to what brought me such faith in humanity in case you were wondering if I forgot or if you had somehow missed it already. You didn’t.)

The canyon had many things that you might expect such as soaring rocky cliffs, a river cutting its way through and all sorts of evergreens and stones. It also had some very thick ice, which we hadn’t expected mid-May, but then, it’s the Rocky Mountains so there are surprises. Of course, we decided to climb into the ice and take this photo. (And many more.) Look how thick it is!!!


The thing that brought me faith in humanity was this.

After about an hour of climbing up the canyon, there’s a sign that says the trail beyond is no longer maintained. Naturally, we kept going.

The most magical sight awaited us. A whole area of Inukshuks and cairns (that’s mountain-speak for rock sculptures). 


They just kept going and going. It made my heart so happy and here’s why I have faith in humanity:

In this sacred space, people come to add to the magic. They don’t knock down the sculptures. They don’t raze through them in a destructive manner. They might place a rock on a tower that’s already there. Or they might build their own. 


To me, it illustrates how humans are inherently good. We create beauty. We make a difference. We have the capacity to leave things even better than we found them. 

Does that always happen? By golly, it doesn’t. We make mistakes, too. But there is possibility within us, especially when we connect with nature and let our imaginations soar. 

I hope your heart is also warmed.

Oakley also made a little Mother's day video with his guitar that you might enjoy.

Click here for that

May you have a week where your faith grows and grows.

With cozy love and faithful courage,


>Creator of Courageous Self-Care

>Marvelling at how the words “You’re a grown-up now” can elicit such wonderful new behaviour

>Looking forward to our next hike!

PS - Yoga class is happening this Friday at 9:15am Mountain. Please join us or catch the replay that will be posted within 24 hours. 


You probably know that I give Dr Sue Morter rave reviews. Her name comes up often on this blog because her teachings have had such a significant impact on my life. 

Up until Dr Sue, I felt like I was putting in a ton of time and effort with all my practices and yet my results felt less than stellar. I often had somewhat angry conversations with the Universe where I would vaguely shake my fist at the sky and say, “Frankly, I would expect better outcomes for all the effort I’m putting in!”

When I started implementing Dr Sue’s teachings, though, everything shifted. Now I spend way less time on practices, doing only the most impactful, and my results continue to astound me. Life has gotten significantly better in every way possible. 

Dr Sue is offering a couple of fantastic resources that I wanted to share with you. Her meditations are simply spectacular - like out of this world (literally).

Click here to get her complimentary meditation.

She’s also offering a webinar called 3 Secrets to Activating Your Self-Healing Superpowers. 

You can register for that by clicking here. 

I hope you can access one or both of her resources. They are totally game-changing. Personally, I’ve healed all sorts of things using her secrets, including a significant back injury, a very sprained ankle, wrist injuries and chronic hip pain, not to mention deep emotional healings as well. 


Both of my kids love music and so they bring many new songs into our lives. While driving Zoe to school yesterday morning, this lovely song came on from one of her playlists and it’s just so beautiful that I had to share it with you. 

It brought the gorgeous spring morning over the top. The flowering pink and white trees were pulling out all their stops, the sun was shining in the bright blue sky and we enjoyed each other’s company while this song filled the car.

The band is called SAILR and I haven’t heard a song from them that I haven’t liked. This one is called The Well and it’s got such a deeply loving and uplifting message. Perhaps it will add to your spring morning too (or whatever season/time of day it happens to be in your neck of the woods).

Listen to The Well on iTunes

Listen to The Well on Spotify