Happy New Year and how’s your email inbox?

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2022

Happy New Year! I just love a fresh start, don’t you? The new tube of toothpaste always seems so much more appealing than wrestling out the last bits of the old one. 

Despite it being -30 Celsius on New Years Eve, we still went out and did our releasing fire. We felt pretty epic, I must say. Two down jackets, leggings, fleece pants, snowpants and double socks did the trick for me. 

My phone froze so I couldn’t take photos to share with you, but picture this: a midnight blue sky filled with stars, 2 feet of snow (we had to clear out the fire pit with our mittened hands) and a family of four dancing around the fire as we threw in our scraps of paper where we’d written what we wanted to release and then call in for 2022. The most visually stunning part was that we burnt our wreath made of evergreen branches. At one point, it looked like a golden orb of glittering fire. Pretty spectacular!

Speaking of clearing out old energy, I had an idea that I’m super excited to share with you, but first, a question.

How’s your email inbox doing? If it’s anything like mine, there are thousands of old messages and more keep getting added every day.

If your inbox is nice and clean and organized, you can probably stop reading now, but if it’s bursting at the seams or even totally out of control, I’ve got a fun solution. (No, I’m not going to send a talking donkey to clean it out for you. That would indeed be fun but probably not effective and I’m guessing it wouldn't smell good, either.)

This month, I’m going to be hosting the Inbox Clearing and Unsubscribing Extravaganza.

Here’s the scoop.

1-What’s the problem with an unruly inbox?

In addition to it being a downer when you see the emails piling up, it’s a total energy drain. All those emails that you haven’t dealt with clog your own energy system and create blocks and exhaustion. It also creates unwanted stress. Who wants that? Not you, I bet.

2-My fun solution

On 3 different dates in January, I’ll be hosting 3 separate 1 hour sessions where you can register, show up on zoom and then spend an hour of focused time where all you do is clear out your inbox. You can also unsubscribe from lists that you’re done with. Think of all the energy you’ll be reclaiming!

3-What makes it an Extravaganza?

>Community! Join other people and feel energized from the group vibe. You won’t have motivate yourself to start clearing your inbox. You just show up and away you go.

>Focused time! You’ll get so much done when you’re not distracted by other tasks.

>Tips on clearing out your inbox in a quick and efficient manner.

>Curated playlists! You’ll get links to options for playlists to listen to while you clear. (Kind of like whistling while you work, but even better.) One of my superpowers is choosing amazing music. You’ll have options depending on whether you need energizing or soothing tunes.

>Dance Party Celebration! At the end of the session, we’ll celebrate with a dance party (where you can be offscreen if you like.) Because celebrating is a key factor in creating more success in your life.

>50/50 draw! Half of your registration fee will go towards a draw, so you could win money just for clearing out your email! If you’re the winner, it will go right into your Paypal account. We’ll do a 50/50 draw on each call. Yippee!

Choose from three options:

1- The Tune Up: my inbox is pretty good; an hour of focused time will do the trick

2- It’s Getting Dicey: one session won’t cut it. I’m gonna need two hours to clear out that bad boy

3- The David and Goliath: you’re David, your inbox is Goliath and you’re ready to tame that beast

The Details

Dates and Times: 

Monday January 10  9-10am Mountain

Tuesday January 18  7-8pm Mountain

Saturday January 22  9-10am Mountain

$20/session (half goes to the 50/50 and the other half helps keep you accountable so you actually show up)

Attend all three for $50

Register for the date(s) that work best for you. If you’re doing 2, then register for each date separately.

Click here to register for January 10


Click here to register for January 18


Click here to register for January 22

If you want to register for all 3 sessions and get a sweet deal, send an email to [email protected] and I’ll send you a special link.

When you register, you’ll get an email with the link to attend and reminders prior to the session.

If you’re thinking “I could totally just do this myself for no money at all” then go for it, Friend! Power to the People! 

If you feel like you’ve had a big ol’ email clear out on your to-do list for years and it hasn’t happened yet, then please join in the fun. I would love to see you there. Feel free to invite friends or family too, because the more the merrier and the better the 50/50 draw!

Questions? Email [email protected] 

Sending you clarified love and fresh new courage,


*Creator of Courageous Self-Care

*Lover of the New

*50/50 Enthusiast