Energy Codes Book Study Earlybird Invite

Uncategorized May 03, 2022

Do you try really hard but don’t get the results you would expect for all the effort you’re putting in?

Would you say you’re a good student of life but you’re kind of (secretly) disappointed in how the Universe shows up for you?

Are you on a spiritual path but it just seems to be going reeeaallllly sloooooowwwwwllly?

That’s definitely where I was a few years ago. Pre-pandemic, really. I was doing all the things I’d been taught to do (meditation, gratitude, yoga, breathwork, journaling, etc) and yet it felt like A LOT of effort for kind of mediocre results.

Then we went into isolation and it was a huge gift because all of a sudden, I had time to do a course I’d been gifted called The Energy Codes, with Dr Sue Morter. It had sat in the ethers for many months but with us not going anywhere, Presto! - I made it happen.

And I fell in love. It felt like I had finally come home. Like everything I’d done up to that point had led me to that teaching. Like I needed to look no further because I’d found the answers to all the questions I’d been seeking and there were even answers to questions I didn’t know I had yet.

Next I read the book that had also been gifted to me and had sat patiently on my shelf: The Energy Codes. I was so nourished by what I learned that I knew I had to share it with others, so I got certified to teach the work. In my coaching practice, most of the solutions I offered became based on the Energy Codes, and in my own life, I started to notice DRAMATIC results as a result of implementing the teachings.

Here are some of the changes I noticed:

> I don’t have to try so hard to “make things happen”

> manifesting became much easier and more effective with way less effort

> my intuition became much stronger and I had more courage to follow it

> my income more than tripled and I’ve also received some very large surprise gifts of money

> opportunities started falling into my lap that I had previously worked really hard to create

> all of my relationships got even better

> I no longer need to be right (which I thought I had resolved but hadn’t really and now I can really tell the difference)

> I started running because I had so much energy (never in a million years would I have imagined that I would become a runner)

> I sleep better

> my body image improved

> I trust deeply in the Universe and feel unconditionally loved

> I don’t ruminate nearly as much and know what to do when my mind starts to overthink

> life is even more fun, light and playful than before

> I feel much more empowered and confident

> I have way more clarity

> I have dramatically reduced the times I take things personally

> I healed pain in my body and know what to do when physical issues show up

> I no longer feel like I have to fix things or other people (what a relief!)

> I’m much nicer to myself and way more reasonable in my expectations

Good stuff, right? 

So obviously I want that for you too, and that’s why I’m running The Energy Codes Book Study for the 4th time. Each time I study this book, it feels like Dr Sue added new things that weren’t there before (even though I’m reading the same copy). It simply gets better and better.

Of course, you could totally get the book and read it yourself and if that’s for you, then go for it! 

Here’s what’s different about doing the book study, though:

> you get accountability to actually finish the book (generally participants’ favourite benefit)

> you get to ask questions (which is a big deal because it can be kind of complex)

> you get to share your wins and shifts with the group (so you attract even more good stuff into your life by bringing your attention to what you want)

> you’re more likely to do the suggested practices in the book because it’s broken down into manageable steps

> there’s community and that’s fun!

> you also get access to special content that Dr Sue created just for book study students

Also, I recently got certified in Body Awake Yoga with Dr Sue, so you’ll learn all sorts of great content that I discovered along the way that’s not included in the book.

If you’re resonating with all of this, and feeling kind of buzzy, take it as a sign that your intuition is saying yes. You’re invited to the book study so that you, too, can put in less effort and see better results in your life.

If you’re feeling nothing, then you can trust that it’s not for you right now and that’s a-ok. You can stop reading right here.

Still reading? Then you’ll probably want to know that there’s an Earlybird special until May 10th. You’ll find all the details by clicking this link. You’ll arrive at the page called “ How to Streamline your Self-Care”.

If you know you’re in, then scroll right down to the FAQ to get your questions answered. If you’d like a leisurely and entertaining read, then, by all means, read the whole thing :) I’m pretty sure you’ll laugh out loud. 

Questions? Let me know by email: [email protected] 

Out of all the personal development and spiritual books I’ve read (and there have been many over the last dozen years) this is the one that’s had the most noticeable impact. I invite you to join us in the Energy Codes Book Study Spring 2022 and experience your own miracles. I would absolutely love to guide you along the way.

With energetic love and expansive courage,


>Creator of Courageous Self-Care

>Living the dream thanks to the Energy Codes

>Ardent facilitator of what actually works

PS - Click here to get all the details on the upcoming Energy Codes Book Study (aka How to Streamline your Self-Care). We get started in just under two weeks and the Earlybird discount lasts until May 10.

PPS - If you took the Energy Codes Book Study before and would like to join again, please send an email to [email protected] to get a VIP link for a very special price.