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Uncategorized Jun 06, 2023

Every year, I work with three intentions. I used to make them really specific outcomes but the more I’ve learned about energy and intentions, the more I’ve released my attachment to how things turn out. Now, it’s all about the feeling. 

One feeling I’m working with right now that I am absolutely loving is the feeling of Victory. It kind of feels like the Winged Victory of Samothrace - all flowy and majestic, but I would go so far as to even add a head. It’s that good!

Here’s how I’ve been connecting with Victory

Intentional Practice #1 - Visit Your Memory Vault

Upon waking each morning, I consider how victory feels before getting out of bed. I go through the previous day’s events and note where there were victorious moments. They might be seemingly tiny (if I were to judge, which I don’t - any victory is welcome), like getting the dishes done or doing my sun salutations. (Yay me! This is what I say to myself to amplify the feeling of Victory.)

They might be major victories like installing our new garden or completing my Energy Codes Coaching Certification. (Yay Me!) I often end up with a smile spread across my face as I marinate in the lovely energy. All of these examples are the practice of using your memory. You can reach back one day or further. 

Practice #2 - Use Your Imagination for Good

Then I use my imagination to go into the future and show the Universe some examples of events that would make me feel victorious. I go there as fully as possible. I’m not attached to them actually happening. I just use them to stimulate more feelings of Victory. I say, “Universe, here are some ideas of how victory could come to me. If you have even better ideas, I’m open!

I’ve noticed a few things by working with the feeling as my intention rather than specific outcomes.

  1. I don’t feel attached to getting what I want or thinking that it should happen in a specific way. 
  2. That means I have no doubt whatsoever. (Doubt makes manifesting very, very hard.)
  3. Rather than doubt, I have 100% knowing that I will feel victorious every single day.
  4. Knowing makes manifesting a breeze.
  5. No attachment also means that I don’t have to control outcomes (what a relief!).
  6. My trust in the Universe has at least tripled. Even quintupled I would say. 
  7. There’s no longer any expectation around timelines. 
  8. Divine timing is much easier to align with rather than the old schedules I used to make up (I need this to happen in the next 24 hours, Universe! Or else!)

Practice #3 & #4 - Embodied Victory

In order to really have something happen in your life, it needs to be embodied. If it’s not happening in your body, it’s not happening in your life. How to embody? Here are two ways I love. 

The first is through Body Awake Yoga (which I teach online 3x/month). I set an intention at the beginning of each session and often, what’s popping up, is to devote the practice to Victory. That helps cultivate even more energy of Victory in my body and mind. It just feels fantastic. 

The second way is a very quick and effective practice. For those of you familiar with Dr Sue Morter’s Energy Codes practices, I also open up to the feeling of Victory each night when I do the mPower Step. Again, that helps to cultivate even more energy of Victory in the entire energy system and not just in the mind. 

And guess what happens as a result of all this focus on the energy of Victory? Because what you focus on expands, there are a whole lot more victorious moments happening in my life. That’s just how it works.

Another benefit of working with this intention is that when I do feel victorious, it’s a much more profound experience than it used to be. I never really used to even think about victory so it would show up here and there in a fleeting sort of way. Now, when Victory occurs, it’s a big deal. It’s a vibration I’m becoming so much more familiar with which means not only does it feel amazing, it also means that vibration is getting radiated out, thereby attracting more of that feeling back to me. How good is that?

If you’re working with intentions, I encourage you to focus on the feeling because, ultimately, intentions are all about a vibration that you’ve identified you want more of in your life. If you’re not working with intentions, why don’t you set one, two or three? What would you like to experience more of (vibrationally speaking) in the next few months? You could even set a summer intention. 

Intentional living brings more value, meaning and quality to your life. It helps you not just float around in an abstract way from day to day. Practicing the feelings of your intentions helps align you with a deeper purpose and it helps you get to know yourself for who you truly are - a brilliant, magnificent powerful being made of joy, celebration and… Victory!

May you have a week filled with good, good vibrations. 

With exultant love and triumphant courage,


>Creator of Courageous Self-Care

>Celebrating these recent Victories: remembering to stay in my own body rather than worrying while my kids performed their Martial Arts routine filled with dozens of dive rolls and flips on concrete at the Lilac Festival this weekend, deadheading (some of) our new flowers pots, birds using our new birdfeeders (hooray! - I’ve been trying to feed birds for at least a year and it’s finally happening!)

>Saw this hilarious sign this week that made me laugh out loud: Nothing tops plain pizza

I’ve had a lot of exceptional mentors that have transformed my life in ways both expected and unexpected. One of the best is Debra Poneman. Everyone who knows Debra adores her and I’m one of the club. I’ve learned so many valuable tools, philosophies and life lessons that impact my world on a daily basis. 

Debra is currently doing a masterclass (for a few more days) called The 6 Pillars to Slowing and Reversing the Aging of Your Brain and Body. It’s totally fascinating and filled with very surprising and useful information. Her colleague, Ronnie Newman, is a Havard-trained researcher who offers the latest information that sorts through the plethora of facts and fiction that’s out there about your brain. 

If you’re interested in learning to become Ageless no matter what stage you're at in life, please go to this link to register for the masterclass. It will be well worth your time. 

I used to teach a lot of West African dance and take a lot of classes. It’s extremely liberating, joyous and celebrational. Plus, it’s probably one of the best workouts I’ve ever experienced. Often the classes were with live drummers which made it very dynamic and grounding. 

Sometimes we used recorded music and so I got introduced to a whole new world of music. The song I’m sharing today is one of my favourites. It’s called Cherie by Baaba Maal. It’s one of the sweetest, most romantic songs I’ve ever heard, plus it has gorgeous rhythms. Just see if you can sit still (I can’t!)

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