Did you know your brain needs this?

Uncategorized Jul 19, 2022

In our home, we’re very careful about the kind of media that we consume. We don’t read the newspaper, listen to the news or watch it on any kind of screen. We also don’t subscribe to any gossip magazines or any magazines at all really, except for one. 

We used to get a publication called Ode and it was awesome because it took a good look at all the things that are going right in the world. Somewhere along the way, Ode changed to The Intelligent Optimist and we loved it even more. Then it disappeared for a while. Last year, the publication made a comeback as Kamp Solutions and we’re so happy to once again be hearing about people making a positive difference all over the world. (Plus it’s printed on stone paper, which leaves no environmental impact and uses leftover waste from mining. And it feels amazing!)

In the latest issue, I learned something valuable that I thought was worth sharing with you. In an article by Alberto Villoldo, an energy expert, brain researcher and shaman, he shared that in order for the brain to truly let go and forgive, it requires ritual. Trying to forgive, surrender or let go through willpower alone is ineffective and that’s why every indigenous culture around the world incorporates ritual and ceremony into daily life.

So that leads to the question: do you have a regular ritual for forgiveness and letting go in your life?

If yes, yay you! Your brain is really benefiting and you likely find that there’s ease and grace when you forgive and let go.

If you don’t have a regular ritual where you practice forgiveness and letting go, you might like to join the next Hawaiian Healing Dance session.

After I read the article, I wondered if there was an opportunity to create a ritual around letting go and then I realized: Oh wait! I already have one!

Each month, I guide participants through a ritual on Zoom that has proven to be super powerful. Using the healing practice known as the Ho’Oponopono, an esoteric Hawaiian mantra and system for forgiveness, we use ceremony, intention and mindful movement to create peace where there was previously tension. 

Participants have healed relationships, conflicts, and outdated patterns that no longer serve them. They have found forgiveness for others, for themselves, for their bodies and for things that have happened in their lives that they wouldn’t have necessarily chosen.

The nice thing about the Hawaiian Healing Dance ritual (well, there are many nice things about it) is that it marries mind, body and spirit using beautiful music and community. Although you have a private experience, you get to harness that power of the group along with everyone around the world who has used the Ho’Oponopono for centuries. 

When you heal something for yourself, you also heal it for the entire world, so as you participate in the ritual, you’re taking significant action to make a difference on a global scale. 

If you could use some guidance on bringing ritual into life and you’d like letting go to be more easeful, please consider yourself invited to the next Hawaiian Healing Dance session, happening on Thursday July 28 at 1:00pm Mountain for an hour. 

It’s very low-cost and truly, you couldn’t find a better investment in yourself. When you spend an hour focused on forgiveness through ritual, you create space for what you want to find you more easily and efficiently. 

Should you be interested, please click this link to get more details or to register. 

The importance of ritual for the brain cannot be underestimated. If you’re not benefiting from the power of ritual, you’re likely working too hard. Let your energy and that of spirit join together to harness the immense power available to you.

May you create much space in your life with ease and joy this week. 

With huge love and growing courage,


>Creator of Courageous Self-Care

>Creator of the Hawaiian Healing Dance Ritual for Easeful Forgiveness and Letting Go

>Looking forward to sharing exciting news with you soon!