There’s a certain deliciousness in grumpiness…

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2021

What do you do when you’re feeling grumpy? Do you immediately make it try to go away and shift into something more positive?

I used to do that, but then I noticed that there’s a little glimmer of something satisfying in grumpiness. It can feel really delicious to thump around, closing cupboards with a little more oomph than is necessary, giving in to slouchy shoulders and down-turned mouth corners.

A few weeks ago, Paul and the kids and I went out cross country skiing. It was a glorious day complete with blue skies, brilliant sun and happy people smiling as they skied past. And I was feeling grumpy. I barely returned smiles and my kids kept asking me what was wrong.

I grumpily reminded them that we don’t use that phrase (what’s wrong - I prefer ‘what’s up’). Feeling grumpy isn’t wrong, it’s a normal human feeling. And it’s part of a whole host of other important feelings that have a heavier quality to them.

There are two sets of feelings - expansive and anchoring. The expansive ones feel great! Sunshine! Rainbows! Tacos!

The anchoring emotions feel less great and so we’ve kind of been taught that they’re not ok and that we should do everything we can to make them go away asap.

But guess what? Anchoring emotions deserve to be felt too. And they actually have a really important function. They’re heavy because their purpose is to direct your attention down into an energy centre that resides 2 feet below you in the earth. It’s called Chakra 10 and it’s where your destiny lies. Literally. 

All the things that are ever supposed to happen to you are in that energy centre. And if you always ignore it in favour of the sunshine and rainbows, it will be very very hard for you to fulfill your destiny. 

The anchoring emotions are basically saying, “Hey! You there in the purple vest! You’ve had a lot of expansive emotions lately! It’s time to check in with your destiny, so you know what to do next! Please direct your attention downward! Thank you! Have a nice day!”

And so as I was skiing along, feeling grumpy, I remembered that there are anchoring emotions and the best thing to do is honour them. I did some Central Channel Breathing to connect with that 10th Chakra, and I really enjoyed the grumpiness.

After a little while, it dissipated, which is what heavy emotions do when you pay attention to them.

What was really helpful was to have the language to convey what was going on to my family. I told them that I was experiencing some anchoring emotions. I told them that they didn’t have to fix anything or go out of their way to make me feel happy. I shared that even though I was in a grumpy mood, I was still really enjoying myself on the inside. 

And I thought that would be helpful for you to know too. To sum it up:

  • Heavy emotions aren’t “bad”.
  • Heavy emotions are anchoring emotions that are directing your energy downward.
  • When you honour the emotions with attention and specific breathwork, you connect with your destiny and get more clarity.

And then you naturally move into the expansive emotions again. It’s a cycle!

Isn’t that useful information?!? I think it’s in the league of Game. Changer. I learned all about it from Dr Sue Morter’s book and courses, called the Energy Codes. If you want to learn more about this kind of game-changing information, I’ll be doing a book study group later in March. 

Interested? Check out the details here. It’s the most transformational and actionable book I’ve ever read, with the most real life evidence that the practices it teaches work.

So, get on out there and relish in the occasional grumpy mood. Your destiny awaits.

With pounds of love and kilos of courage,


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