Beginning to See the Light (and not just because we had the Equinox)

Uncategorized Apr 06, 2021

Back in the days of yore, my main gig was being a Norwex consultant. I taught people, very enthusiastically, how to clean without chemicals and I was really good at it. We’re talking Top 10 in Sales in North America 3 years running, along with cruises and trips to Hawaii. Good times.

Eventually what I learned from that experience was that I could more or less effectively run my own business. The Norwex chapter closed and gradually (and when I say gradually, I mean like an ancient tortoise ambling down one of those long, empty desert roads, which I realize is improbable, but it is the exact pace I want to convey to you), it evolved into Courageous Self-Care.

I still take orders for Norwex and I passionately use the products. There’s one particular item that people rave about. It’s called the Descaler and it’s amazing for shower doors to get them crystal clear and scale-free.

I always have a bottle of it in my cleaning supply cupboard, and I know how epic it is, and for some reason, I don’t use it very often. It’s not because it’s hard to use because it’s super simple… spray, wait, then wipe. It’s not because it’s time consuming because it’s really quite speedy. It’s not because my shower door was spotless, because it was really rather spotty.

So who knows why it was just sitting there? Not me. That Descaler was waiting patiently behind closed doors for its time to shine. Which was this past weekend.

For whatever reason, I just got tired of the scaly buildup on the shower doors. And I decided to do something about it.

Now my shower doors are so clean that I can practically see through time. I’m so glad I used the Descaler and now that I’ve reminded myself how easy it is and how happy I am every single time I look at those glass doors that I can’t see anymore, I will be able to keep it up.

(This would really be the only way it could get any better:)

It’s kind of the same deal with self-care practices. Often we know what to do and we know it will make a difference, and yet the most valuable tools remain behind proverbial closed doors, just like my Descaler.

That happened for me last week. (It was an educational week!) I teach my clients about the power of the Time Cleanse. I’ve probably even shared about it in my blog. (In case you’re new around here or you haven’t memorized every word I’ve ever written, it’s where you designate a few hours, a day or several days to only doing what fills you up and nourishes you. In a word: Glorious!)

Because I’ve taken on exponential numbers of clients this year and have a lot on the go with my various offerings, as well as my family, the Time Cleanse was kind of tucked way back in my self-care cupboard of tools. December through March were very ambitious months for me, time-wise, and so it took some finagling to create a day where I promised myself I wouldn't check email or do any work on a computer.

And then, last Friday, I did it!!! Just like my shower door purifying experience, it made me think - well why didn’t I do that sooner? It also gave me a new perspective. Since that wondrous day, I’ve noticed that I haven’t been checking my email so frequently and I’m not having to work really hard at changing my habit. It’s happening with grace and ease.

(By the way, in case you thought I was perfect at self-care and that’s why I teach it… I’m not. You teach what you need to learn. When you teach something, you get to hear the content 10x times and that’s what helps it really land. So, I needed to hear myself share about the Time Cleanse hundreds of times so that I could take action on it this time.)

What self-care practice is hiding in your toolbox, waiting to give you exactly what you’ve been seeking? It’s not always about going out and learning something new. Sometimes, it’s about rummaging around for something that you know really works and putting it into practice, with devotion, until you get the relief you’ve been seeking.

Oh, and if your toolbox is empty or rusted shut and you need a refresher on self-care that goes beyond bubble baths, chocolate and wine, click here to get my complimentary Daily Self-Care Checklist. It’s not so much a checklist as a teaching on daily self-care strategies that move the needle so you can cultivate more peace in the chaos, an abundance of flowing energy and expansive unconditional self-love.

Until next time, I send you flourishing love and sparkly courage,


Founder of Courageous Self-Care

Owner of Pristine Glass Shower Doors

Daily Practiser of self-care in action

PS - Mark your calendar for this month’s Self-Care Masterclass on Friday, April 30th. We’ll be taking a deep dive into getting more clarity, along with exploring the myths around what keeps you feeling stuck. What can I say? I was inspired by my shower doors.