Are you using your mind in the wrong way?

Uncategorized Dec 27, 2022

One of the many aspects of the holy days that we’re experiencing right now is gifts and so I wanted to take a little time today to ask you about the gift of your mind. Are you using it in the best way possible or is it more like an unopened or unused gift that’s just waiting to be discovered?

Consider a candle. Do you have any candles around your house that remain unused? My daughter said the other day that she wouldn't be burning a beautiful beeswax candle she has because it’s too pretty. That got me pondering…

The whole point of a candle is to bring light. It also contains the potential power of transformation (because fire transforms things from one state to another). However, if a candle just sits there collecting dust, its gifts remain untapped, no matter how pretty it might be. 

If you burn a beautiful candle, there will no doubt be another candle out there. No shortage of candles. (Obviously, that’s not a 100% guarantee, but since candles have been around for centuries, I feel reasonably confident in making that claim.) 

Letting a candle gather dust is, in my opinion, the wrong use of a candle. And we do the same thing with the mind. The mind is meant to be in service to the soul. It can be your greatest ally because you can literally use it to find yourself. 

And where might your self be hiding? In the most unexpected yet most obvious place… in the centre of your body. There is a channel of energy running up and down the core of your body. It’s like a fluorescent tube of light that goes from 2 feet above your head all the way down to 2 feet in the earth below you. 

In the ancient Indian tradition, this channel of light is called the Sushumna. My mentor, Dr. Sue Morter, calls it the Central Channel. The more we can bring the mind onto the physical and energetic sensations of the Central Channel, the better life gets. (There’s a whole explanation for how and why that happens, but we’ll cut to the chase for now.)

You see, the mind isn’t really designed to think (although it would like you to believe that thinking things through is the solution to all issues so that it appears useful). The mind is designed to hyper-focus (as evidenced by its remarkable ability to form thoughts at the speed of light, especially of the worrisome kind). 

Retrain Your Mind

If you can retrain your mind to hyper-focus on the sensations in the Central Channel and to think less, wisdom literally floats up through your system. It gets steeped in confidence from your solar plexus and love from your heart. It travels through your throat where it gathers the ability to be fully expressed and then it arrives in your mind.

Can you see how an awareness that takes the journey up through the Central Channel would be so much more effective than a thought that your brain conjures up all by itself, without any wisdom from below the neck?

The mind in its right use is truly the best gift you will ever receive. I know it has been for me. The more I train my mind to focus on the Central Channel, the more every single part of my life gets better; from relationships to health, from abundance and prosperity to deep contentment and happiness, everything keeps improving at an increasing rate. 

The mind isn’t designed to be the master but for many people, it completely runs the show. The true master is your inner wisdom, your deepest knowing. If you end up serving the wrong master, you’ll be living a life you don’t want to live, doing things you don’t really want to do, all while wasting your energy and the gifts you’ve been given. 

 You Don't Have to Believe Your Thoughts

Of course, you’ll have thoughts, but if they make you feel bad about yourself, they’re simply not true and you don’t have to believe them. Instead, observe them. The protective part of your mind just wants to keep things familiar because familiar = safe/comfortable, even if it’s not really safe/comfortable at all. 

And so I urge you to receive the gift of your mind and use it to hyper-focus on the inside of you rather than anything on the outside. Encourage your mind to start getting curious about what it feels like in your heart. What sensations do you notice in your root chakra and deep in your belly? Pay attention fully to the butterflies in your stomach, the tightness in your throat, or the expansiveness in the centre of your head. The more you can bring your attention to your Central Channel, the more solutions will simply occur to you and the more you’ll trust your inner knowing. 

Like a candle, the mind holds the tremendous power of transformation. It can change anything and everything when it’s used in the right way. No matter what’s going on in the world outside, you will be of the most benefit to yourself and others when you bring your attention inward. 

So go ahead and burn those candles. Every time you do, you’ll be reminded that the light is inside you and that your mind has the power to transform anything when used in the right way. 

Wishing you so much light from within as we move through these holy days.

With bright love and scintillating courage,


>Creator of Courageous Self-Care

>Burner of candles, no matter how pretty

>So happy to be thinking less and knowing more


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