A Miraculous Healing from a Christmas Injury

Uncategorized Jan 10, 2023

You might be wondering: how does one get a Christmas injury? I’m still wondering that myself. In a nutshell, I mysteriously hurt my back whilst decorating our tree. I dropped an ornament (which broke), then twisted my spine to pick it up (not in a particularly unusual way) and all of a sudden, a sharp pain shot through my lower back.

Within a few minutes, I couldn’t really walk. I tried to stretch it out, but the pain didn’t pass, so for the rest of the day, I hobbled around. This was 2 days before Christmas, so it’s not like I had nothing to do. 

I did a few things (that I’ll share later) which made it feel significantly better the next day - less hobbling, more walking. However, the second night I woke up to go to the bathroom and tweaked it again so intensely that I couldn’t stand. I sat on the edge of the bed in a full sweat because of the pain (definitely level 10 at this point). 

I crawled to the bathroom at a snail's pace (or maybe even slower... what's slower than a snail?) and eventually made it back to bed (yay!). Lying there, I suspected sleep would not be present anytime soon, so I did some breathwork for healing (more on that later) and then a meditation. Nothing shifted immediately, but then my spine started to move of its own accord. 

It began undulating, twisting, shaking, and vibrating in ways I couldn’t even do if I tried. It was like a ride inside my spine and it lasted for close to an hour. Tears poured out of my eyes (and ran into my ears which always feels great) because I knew what was happening. The high-frequency energy of Love-with-a-capital-L was pouring into my body and healing my back. I felt so honoured and loved by the Universe that it would take time to flood my body and fill it with goodness.

Nothing like that had ever happened before. It felt like a reward for being diligent with my breathwork, spiritual practices, yoga and so on. It also felt like the super weird injury happened not as a problem but as an indication that my body was ready for Divine Love to pour in. I didn’t do anything wrong; it was simply my body-temple showing me exactly where love needed to flow in.

Pretty amazing, right?

The three things that lead to the miraculous healing

1-Mindset. In the past when I’ve gotten an injury, my go-to reaction has been anger, either towards someone or at myself (preferably someone else).  This time it was different. I thought it was hilarious. I mean, who injures their back decorating a Christmas tree?

Whenever it hurt, I just laughed and thought about how funny it was. I suspected it happened for a great reason and I stayed open to learning what that could be. Of course, my mind wanted to freak out initially, projecting into the future: How am I going to ski next week? How am I going to enjoy Christmas? What if…??? I put a stop to that and didn’t let it go down the rabbit hole. Instead, whenever it wanted to think those thoughts, I would catch it, say thank you to the part of me that caught it and then celebrate that I “caught the thought” with a nice little 'yay me!'


2-Breathwork for Healing. Several years ago, I learned how to breathe to heal issues in the body from my mentor Dr Sue Morter. I’ve been shocked at how effective it is. Any issue in the body is only ever an indication of stuck energy so this breathwork pattern gets the energy moving again. (I’m planning on doing an Energy Codes book study in the spring so if you’d like to learn this breathwork pattern, you can do so at that time.)


3-Body Awake Yoga. Prior to learning this style of yoga, I often got injured doing yoga and so I got discouraged with the whole endeavour. I tried my best to love it but it just seemed like yoga wasn’t a fit for me. 2020 - enter Body Awake Yoga (created by Dr Sue). In this style, I learned that you can actually go to the mat and incorporate specific breathing patterns while in the poses that will help heal all sorts of issues (physical, emotional, etc, although I don’t really know what etc would be in this case.) Although my Christmas back injury limited my range of motion, I envisioned myself doing the full expression of each posture in my mind and did what I could in my body. I know for sure that going to the mat helped heal my back swiftly and efficiently.


So there you have it. By doing those 3 things, my back was completely pain-free within 3 days. A Christmas Miracle!

These are also the steps I took when I sprained my ankle on my anniversary in July. Within 3 days, my ankle went from very swollen and unable to put any weight on it whatsoever (causing my husband to carry me around - how romantic!) to walking within a day, feeling much better by Day 3 and being completely healed by Day 7. 

Mindset, Breathwork and Body Awake Yoga - the trifecta of healing miracles. I hope that this information has been helpful for you. 


Last week I shared an ebook from my mentors Marci Shimoff, Dr Sue Morter and Lisa Garr that contains information that has dramatically impacted my life for the last 10 years. Every good thing in my life right now (apart from my husband and kids) has emerged from living in the Miracle Zone. 

There’s one more resource I wanted to share with you this week that they created. 

Whatever you desire most...it’s possible for you! Here is their free meditation that’s available for a limited time. 

Click here to download your “Miracles Activation for Empowerment” and listen to it today to put yourself in the energetic flow of miracles. 

Sending you so much love and miraculous healing energy.

With restorative love and beneficial courage,


>Creator of Courageous Self-Care

>Killer of poinsettias (I tried my best but it’s not looking promising - if only I could get the plant to do breathwork and yoga) (if you have poinsettia care tips, definitely send them my way, specifically what to do when there’s only one leaf left)

>Happy to have finished all the Christmas cookies (not all by myself) and returning to our healthier ways

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