7 Spiritual Lessons Learned From 25 Years Of Marriage: Part 2

Uncategorized Aug 01, 2023

Last week, we started looking at the spiritual side of marriage. I'm happy to report that this series is now being featured in Brainz Magazine! 

Click here to read Part 2 where we'll explore how having a growth mindset is an imperative part of growing together. 

If you missed Part 1 about taking full responsibility, you'll find that article by clicking here


May you have a week filled with opportunities to grow, transform and thrive. 

With rising love and spacious courage,


>Creator of Courageous Self-Care

>Just back from a celebratory staycation; it was so much fun to have a couple's getaway (even if we didn't get away very far)

>See the Christina Recommends section below for one of the highlights

We had many highlights on our staycation and one of my favourites was the day spent at the Kananaskis Nordic Spa. It was heavenly!

The spa is a collection of hot, cold and relaxation experiences all set in the dramatic Rocky Mountains. 

Guests at the spa complete a circuit as many times as they wish that starts with hot (Finnish Sauna, Banyan Sauna, Barrel Sauna or Hot Tub), then goes to cold (plunge pool) and finally a relaxation experience (warm tub, hammock, lounge chair or fire pit). 

I’m proud to say that thanks to some focused breathing, I was able to actually plunge into the cold pool and even stay there for a bit. Yay me! (Cold is not my most favourite experience.)

After two rounds of the circuit, Paul and I noticed an amazing shift in our nervous systems. I believe it’s called relaxation.

We had a lovely lunch of wild rice and veggies on loungey couches in the spa restaurant and then did a couple more rounds. 

One of my favourite parts was that there were no cell phones allowed. It was so refreshing to be amongst people enjoying each other’s company without distraction. I would go back just for that! (Plus guests are provided with stylish lumberjack robes lined with fleece - what more could you want?)

If you live in or near Calgary or want to make a trip to a world-class destination, I give the Kananaskis Nordic Spa 5 stars. I’ve wanted to go for years and now that we’ve experienced it, I’m so excited to go back. (And I’m not waiting for the next big milestone; I’m going just because.)

This week’s song is part of a whole album called the Prayer Cycle that’s amazing listened to in its entirety. However, if you just listen to the song at the link below, you’ll hear what all my fuss is about. 

I first remember hearing this achingly beautiful music when it was brought to Paul and I on CD as a gift to celebrate the birth of our daughter. Tears streamed down our faces because it truly captures the miracle of life and all its emotions in one powerful expression.

If you’ve heard Alanis Morisette, you’ve probably never heard her like this. She’s part of a choir that sings throughout the album. You simply must listen. It’s so, so gorgeous. 

Listen to Prayer Cycle Movement 1 (Mercy) on iTunes

Listen to Prayer Cycle Movement 1 (Mercy) on Spotify