5 Solutions for Feeling Stressed Out and Crazy Busy

Uncategorized Feb 09, 2021

After I posted last week’s message, I realized how funny it was that I declared the topic of February to be TIME. Obviously the normal theme for February is love. But that’s kind of how I am. Floating along happily in my own little iridescent bubble, not necessarily paying attention to normal, mainstream things. So let’s carry on with the discussion of time. I’m going to do something magical here. Watch this.

Did you know that the only way you can really experience time is through your emotions?

If you generally feel stressed out, then that’s how you’re experiencing time.

If you often feel overwhelmed, then same thing: that’s how you’re relating to time.

If you feel calm and peaceful, then that’s how you’re connecting with time.

Remember how we talked about treating time like your best friend? Today’s solutions tie in with that idea.

How do you want to feel when you’re with your best friend? Hopefully loved, valued, nurtured, trusting; you know, all those good things.

You can also cultivate those feelings with time. Here’s what I suggest.

1- Start to notice how you feel about time.

When I first did this exercise, I had thought that I was pretty chill, but it turns out, I was actually feeling quite stressed and anxious, especially in the mornings making sure everyone got out the door on time with everything they needed.

2- Once you have some data on your go-to time emotions, consider if they’re serving you or if you’re ready for a change.

3- If change is on the menu, I recommend creating a new affirmation/mantra/phrase for how you want to feel about time, your new BFF.

Two of my go-to time mantras are:

I have perfect timing. 

I experience time with peace, joy and ease.

4- Repeat new time mantras as needed.

5- Express love towards time, especially with your words. 

You might want to eliminate words and phrases that would make your BFF feel less than awesome. 

Here are some things I don’t say anymore:

I’m so busy. (because busy has pretty much the same feeling as stressed and I don’t want to go around declaring that I’m stressed out to anyone who will listen. That’s just silly.)

Life is short. (because have you ever been up all night with a sick child? Or a new puppy? Or sat through a first aid recertification??? Looooooonnnnnnnnnggggggg.) Instead, I say: Life is long and also wide. It feels so much better.

I don’t have enough time. (because would you tell your BFF that he/she’s not enough? I’m hoping no.)

So, wrapping it all up with a lovely red and white polkadot bow: You get to choose how you feel about time. Treat time with Love. 

See what I did there? I went a little mainstream (love theme for February) and stayed bold at the same time (February theme of Time). Feeling pretty satisfied over here. *gives self a hearty pat on the back

May you experience an abundance of both love and time this week.

Until my next visit to your screen (thanks for reading, by the way), I’m wishing you:

Mega-anuums of love and epochs of courage (yes mega-annums is a real word… Google said so),


Creator of Courageous Self-Care

Lover of Sourdough Croissants

Mediocre Parallel-Parker (Seriously. It makes me sweat every time. Three cheers for angle parking. Or being chauffeured.)

PS - Is procrastination enhancing your life? If not, stay tuned for next week’s official announcement of this month’s Self-Care Masterclass: How to Overcome Procrastination.