Ready to Boost Your Energy?

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2019

A few weeks ago, I got an email from a woman named Karen Preysnar, who wanted to interview me for her online summit about self-care and energy.

That request told me how much the world has changed since I started Courageous Self-Care almost 3 years ago. Initially, self-care wasn't really something that people were talking about, but now, there are entire summits devoted to the idea. How exciting! If you feel like doing an excitement jig, you go right ahead.

Of course, I had to interview Karen on the Courageous Self-Care Podcast too. Listen to the podcast here.

Here's a little more info about the Take Back Your Energy Summit. (Of course I agreed to be one of the speakers!)

The Take Back Your Energy summit will help you shift out of the daily habits that drain you, and into the best version of yourself. I invite you to tune in so you can create more vitality, joy & passion in your life.

I’ll be joining 21 wellness experts, healers, meditators and thought leaders who will share their knowledge and experience with you on topics such as:

  • Overcoming meditation barriers
  • The formula for healthy relationships
  • How to manifest what you want
  • Radical mindfulness
  • Transformation through breathwork
  • Breaking free from unwanted habits and limiting thoughts
  • Connecting with your inner guidance
  • Releasing trauma
  • Yoga for your home
  • And much more!

Doesn't that sound exceptional?!?

The summit starts February 9th and you’ll be able to listen to one interview each day for 22 days. I hope you take advantage of this great opportunity to calm your mind, manage stress, and feel better right this instant. (except you'll have to wait until February 9th, so just a few instants from now.)

For more details and to register for this FREE event, all you have to do is click here

Lots of love and courage coming at you right now,