Not Your Average Keynote

(unless you think drawing with your nose or booty shaking is average audience behaviour)

A coach once told me: Be sure to tell people how old you are, Christina, because they'll be fooled by your youthful energy and playfulness. They also need to know how much old-soul wisdom you have. So... I'm 44.

I'm the breath of fresh air of the speaking world: refreshing, transformative and a little unpredictable.

Early morning and after lunch keynotes are my favourite. No internet surfing or dozing on my watch. I've had audiences dancing like toilet brushes, doing the Happy Bum and laughing at my mediocre cheerleading skills. Shazam!

Now the Founder and CEO of Courageous Self-Care, I'm a former secondary teacher who abandoned the red-tape of the education system so that I can truly teach. I march to the beat of my own drum and have given thousands of people permission to do the same.

I have big dreams, big energy and big results. When I ran the Courageous Self-Care Podcast from 2018-202, it had over 3300 downloads from 20+ countries.

As a speaker, I'm out of the box (wait, there was a box???), entertaining, uplifting and infectious. I get content out of people's heads and into their bodies so that they get lasting and impressive results. My trainings are highly sought-after, highly paid and high impact. 

Christina: An Abbreviated, Not-Dull History

I won copious trophies and medals while wearing tap shoes and costumes personifying me as a sailor, Rasputin (if you're thinking Bony M, you're spot on), a firework, a hobo and a cowboy.

I coached students to play volleyball, basketball, field hockey, and gymnastics. More importantly, I got those same students to do stupid-human tricks on video, to chase deflating balloons for warm-ups and to do their best impressions of me coaching.

I got married at 21. It seemed young to most people, but I was ready for full commitment at age 11. I scared off a lot of boys. I met my husband in a University dance class where we did a bowling dance. I was a pin. He was the bowler. Clearly destiny was involved.

As a teacher, I choreographed a Remembrance Day dance for 300 non-dancers. I blew the department budget in my first year of teaching. I got a thank you note from a grade 12 student that spoke of graceful elephants.

And then I left teaching because I had 2 exceptional children. After a year at home with my first, I realized I would be a better mom if I got some breaks so I started a home based business and promptly got awards for being top 10 in sales, 3 years in a row.

That was followed by 10 years of intensive personal development with some of the world's top trainers. I trained as an Embodiment Coach on Mexican beaches, Californian lavendar fields and on Pacific West Coast Islands.

I wrote an International Best Selling book about Ugly Awkward Dancing, my website got hacked and blacklisted by Google and then Courageous Self-Care was born from those ashes.

Solutions to World Problems

aka Speaking Topics

The Top 3 Mistakes Intelligent Women Make with Self-Care

Participants will learn:

  • The #1 Myth about Self-Care

  • The Difference between Self-Care and Indulgence

  • Why Courage is the foundation for Effective Self-Care


Courageous Self-Care: How to Prioritize your Wellbeing Beyond Bubble Baths, Chocolate & Wine

Participants will:

  • Discover why the self-care you’ve been focusing on may be contributing to your overwhelm
  • Find out how to improve your relationship with time because it affects every minute of your day
  • Learn how to go from running on empty to renewable energy so that you can give to everyone in your life from a place of fullness

The Art of Courageous Self-Care: How to Ease the Guilt, Tame the Critic & Find Time for You

Participants will learn:

  • That when Self-Care is at the bottom of your list, your professional progress stagnates

  • A step-by-step process to dissolve your guilt once and for all

  • Proven strategies to finally get off the endless treadmill of beating yourself up

  • How to stop the exhausting practice of giving to everyone but yourself


Live On Camera

Get a Feel for Christina's Talks

Happy Bum

Christina shares the secret to finding happiness. (This is the booty shaking...)


Christina shares a story about courage and bumble bees



Christina gets people to bless her nose and demonstrates how to get out of a sleeping baby's room


You Want Experience? Christina's Got It!

Check out Previous Engagements

Session Presenter

Teachers’ Conventions Session Presenter; Multiple Years at Each: Calgary, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Palliser, Lethbridge

WOW (Women’s Only Weekend) Canmore: Session Presenter

Alberta Fine Arts Council Conference: Session Presenter

HPEC (Health & Physical Education Council): Session Presenter Multiple Years

Rebecca Hall’s Money Summit in SFO: Panel Speaker and Presenter

Workshop Presenter at Centers for Spiritual Living: Calgary, Red Deer, Kelowna, Toronto

National One Thought Conference Toronto: Session Presenter

National One Thought Conference Calgary: Session Presenter


Radio/Podcast Interviews

Host of the Courageous Self-Care Podcast 2018-2020

Rebecca Hall Gruyter’s Radio Show Empowering Women, Transforming Lives: Guest Expert Interview

Linda Patten’s Radio Show: Guest Expert Interview

TotalPreneur Love Week: Guest Expert Interview

Your Divine Uniqueness with Moncef Akir: Guest Expert Interview

Your Holistic Life Show with Johnathan Colbert: Guest Expert Interview

Red Carpet Interview with Shirlene Reeves (

Beauty Virgin Bitch Podcast: Guest Expert Interview

Powerful Beyond Measure TV Show: Guest Expert Interview

Courageous Conversations Podcast with Victoria Steele



Event Energizer

Gold Circle Retreat with Andrea J. Lee, Texas

Great Life Redesign with Gemma Stone, Banff

Inner Circle Retreat with Marci Shimoff & Debra Poneman, California

Advanced Speaking Program with Karen McGregor, British Columbia

Rock the Stage with Karen McGregor, Calgary

We Talks with Melissa Mackey, Calgary

Your Year of Miracles Inner Circle Retreat with Marci Shimoff & Debra Poneman, California

Pure Potentials Speakers Retreats with Jacki McLenaghan: Arizona


Calgary Connection Conference: Speaker

Your Year of Miracles Platinum Retreat with Marci Shimoff & Debra Poneman: Speaker

Event Mastery 4 Day Training with Karen McGregor: Speaker

Womanition Biz Brigade: Speaker

Women Embracing Brilliance Retreat with Karen Klassen: Speaker

Southern Alberta Brain Injury Society: Speaker

Weekend of Nourishment with Amy Bondar: Speaker

Arise - Women's Conference: Speaker

Calgary Career Hub Level Up: Speaker

Self-Hosted Events

On Purpose Parties: Monthly for 2 years

Mother Daughter On Purpose Parties: Monthly for a year

Dancing with Strangers Who Love You

Finding D’Answers 1 Day Workshop

Moms’ Day Off 1 Day Multi-Speaker Event

The Courageous Self-Care 1 Day Mulit-Speaker Event

Fall into Greatness 1 Day Multi-Speaker Event

The Opening 3 Day Urban Retreat

Introduction to Courageous Self-Care 1 Day Workshop

Courageous Self-Care Festival 2018, 2019


Holistic Chamber of Commerce: Keynote Speaker

Mission Shift YYC: Keynote Speaker x 2

Canadian Business Chicks: Keynote Speaker

Sexy Minds Social Group: Keynote Speaker

Womanition Calgary: Keynote Speaker

Calgary Speakers Club: Leader & Keynote Speaker

Glencoe Club Entrepreneur Group: Keynote Speaker

Book Christina to Speak

"We had Christina Marlett speak at our Year of Miracles Retreat. She got the audience up and moving. As noted by several of the participants, she was able to take high level concepts and break them down into understandable learning. Her story-telling helped the listeners learn about her and the material she taught in a captivating way. I highly recommend Christina as a speaker for your next program. "

Marci Shimoff
#1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason and featured teacher in The Secret

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