So… you want to live your purpose, make a real contribution to the world and feel fulfilled while doing it...

but you don’t feel like you have enough clarity to make a solid choice which means you stay stuck, wracked with doubt and uncertainty.

Sound familiar?

Want to keep living there?

I didn't think so.

When it comes to getting clarity, there are definitely some do’s and don’ts. We’ll call the don’ts “mistakes” for now. 

Are you making any of these top 4 clarity mistakes?


Mistake #1: Many people don’t get what they want out of life, because they never actually take time to determine what it is that they do want. The average adult spends more time researching their next television purchase or planning their upcoming holiday than they do determining what will actually make them happy, fulfilled and satisfied (outside of TV watching and vacations).


Clarity requires devoted time. If you’re hoping it will happen on its own, to put it bluntly, it won’t.


The Do: You’ve got to invest time and energy into creating a life where you feel anticipation and excitement when you wake up in the morning and fulfillment and satisfaction when your head hits the pillow.


Mistake #2: Most people feel like if they had more clarity, then they’d be able to get some momentum and start taking action. Oops! It doesn’t really work that way. You’ve got to get clear first, but not in the way you think. You don’t need the next 87 steps en route to your goal carved in stone. What’s most important is to get clear on how you want to feel. And that’s imperative because it’s all about vibration, baby. The clarity comes from the feeling and then you practice cultivating that feeling on the inside, even in the absence of any evidence in your outer world.


The Do: Clarity is an inside job. You have to spend regular time in reflection and ask the right questions to get clarity. Then you need to focus on the feeling.


Mistake #3: Many people tend to use a lack of clarity as an excuse for staying stuck, because stuck is familiar. Stuck = safe (at least for the primitive part of your brain). Once you get clarity, you actually get a huge dose of the unknown, and to those primitive brain parts, unknown = scary and dangerous. 


So in addition to knowing how to get clear, you’ve got to know how to deal with fear. It can come along for the ride because when fear shows up, you know that personal growth and soul expansion are right around the corner (hooray!). You just don’t want to let fear be in the driver’s seat, because I’m pretty sure fear has never had drivers’ training. Fear thinks that idling in front of a stop sign for years is a great choice.


The Do: With clarity comes the responsibility to move through fear.


Mistake #4: The most common mistake people make with clarity is thinking that if they really had it, they would know exactly what to do for the next 5 years, or 38 years, or for the rest of their lives. Clarity doesn’t work that way. It’s more like a lightning flash in the darkness. You get an idea of where to go and then you trust in that direction as you fumble along in the dark, towards where you last saw the flash of light, until you see another one. Then you adjust again and carry on.


The Do: Clarity is so much about trust. You’ve got to know how to cultivate trust (beyond just crossing your fingers and hoping it will happen.)


If you’d like to stop making these mistakes, our Visioning 2023 session is all about how to cultivate more clarity and then take inspired action with confidence and trust. 


In this practical, done-with-you workshop, you’ll go through several incredibly powerful processes that will help you shine the light on what you really want so that you get unstuck and know what to do next to start taking inspired action.


To get clarity right during the class, so you can put in your order to the Universe and stop trying to do it all yourself


To find out how to take the leap into the unknown with trust and confidence rather than letting fear hold you back


To discover how to take aligned, inspired action that gives you momentum and satisfaction in every area of your life

You’ll leave this masterclass with:

  • More clarity (obviously!)
  • Solid strategies on how to move forward with what you discover during the class
  • More energy, lightness and effervescence
  • Practical tools you can come back to over and over again when it’s time for more clarity












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