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These sessions are not recorded, so you'll have to attend live.

There are usually 2 Show Up Time options. They generally take place at 9:30am Mountain/8:30am Pacific. For this month's dates, check out the calendar here: https://www.christinamarlett.com/coaching-workshops

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Show Up Time Drop In

Finally take action on the things that keep falling to the bottom of your list

Every month, the members of the Lifeboat Solution get access to a live session where we get stuff done!

If you're not a Lifeboat Solution member, but would still like to give the benefit of focused time on your action items you tend to procrastinate, you can join us as a drop in.

I took a very high end coaching/business course a couple of years ago and my very favourite thing that we did was at the beginning of our mentoring calls, we did 10 minutes of focused action time. It felt so amazing to get something done while in community, so I wanted to offer something similar. That's why we have Show Up Time!

Here's what you can expect:

We check in at the beginning of the zoom call, share what we'll be doing for rest and then go do it for 50 minutes. Then we come back and share what we accomplished. Sounds fairly simple, but words can't even describe how awesome it is.

Since words are helpful, though, these are some of the things participants experience in the 1 hour session:

  • a huge sense of accomplishment
  • heightened productivity
  • connection to community and to yourself
  • incredible relief

What kinds of things to people do during Show Up Time? You could: 

  • work on your Top 3 Results (from the Sacred Success Sunday Review)
  • paperwork that you've been avoiding
  • organize a junk drawer
  • vacuum your car
  • tackle one step from a big project
  • work on something you've always wanted to do but have never made time for
  • write thank you notes and mail them

Essentially, it's any kind of action on anything you haven't really made time for. It's for the stuff that tends to fall to the bottom of your to-do list.

Is it truly necessary to pay someone to show up to a call where you then go and work on your own? For some people... yes, this is what it takes. If you have items that you never get around to doing, or you have big dreams that you just don't seem to make progress on, then this call make a tremendous difference.

When you invest in the session, you're much more likely to show up for yourself. And then you feel amazing. So... totally worth it!

This call is valued at $97 (although the sense of accomplishment you get from Show Up Time is really more like $1,000,000+!) and it's offered at $47.

To get access to this month's Show Up Time live session, complete the payment info at the top and you'll receive an email with access details. 

Check the calendar near the top of this page to see the date for this month. There are generally 2 Show Up Time options. This session usually happens at 9:30am Mountain/8:30am Pacific.

Questions? Send an email to [email protected]