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These sessions are not recorded, so you'll have to attend live. For this month's date and time, check out the calendar here: https://www.christinamarlett.com/coaching-workshops

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Deep Celebration Drop In

Attract more success and happiness with ease, grace and delight

Every month, the members of the Lifeboat Solution get access to a live session that magnetizes them to have even more success in their lives. It's called Deep Celebration.

If you're not a Lifeboat Solution member, but would still like to become a magnet for your dreams, you can join us as a drop in.

This is an active workshop where you get the opportunity to list your successes (from the distant and recent past), courageously share them in community, and then embody the celebration so that all your cells get magnetized to bring even more awesomeness into your life. 

In this 30 minute session, participants experience things like:

  • happiness, joy and expansion
  • invigorating energy
  • loving support
  • and even miracles!

This class is absolutely priceless because of how it's going to shift your energy, but since we live in the real world, it's offered at $17.

To get access to this month's Deep Celebration session, complete the payment info at the top and you'll receive an email with access details. 

Check the calendar near the top of this page to see the date and time for this month's session. 

Questions? Email [email protected]