There’s sure a lot of noise out there. And that means that no matter what you choose to believe, there are about 3,774,257 ways to mess up when it comes to food.

So, let’s get personal.

Does this sound familiar?

You have the best laid intentions to put healthy foods into your mouth according to your plan and you try so hard all the live-long day, but then 8pm hits, you’re chillin with Netflix and your willpower seems to melt into the comfy couch cushions and before you know it, a bag of chips and a package of cookies has disappeared. (And the worst part is that you barely even tasted it. Oh the guilt...)



This class will put an end to the constant searching for the “right” way to eat. You’ll learn how to resolve your relationship with food once and for all. 


You’ll get to say sayonara to weeding through all the conflicting information about what’s actually nutritious and learn how to make choices that are perfect for you as an individual rather than as a statistic.


Never again experience the harsh self- judgments that come from making the “wrong” food choices. You’ll discover where those intense emotions are coming from and what to do with them so they no longer rule you.












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