Why Take the Self-Care Style Quiz?

I'll tell you why in this quick video. You can also play the guessing game while you watch, called: "Is she using a script that's just off camera?"


What's your Self-Care Style?

Did you watch the video? A little awkward with the eye-contact, right? But you get the point...

Anyway, did you know that everyone has a self-care style? You probably haven't ever considered that your self-care has a style, so I'm here to tell you it does.

AND, it's very important to know your self-care style. Just as important as knowing your blood type, whether you're more of a spring or an autumn and your inseam. These details can help you in your life!

And so can knowing your self-care style! So take the quiz! The excessive use of exclamation marks here is to convey how important it is!!!