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Soulful Time Management Solution - 1 Year of Reviews

The Antidote to Overwhelm

If you're always rushing from one thing to the next, you'll just get more of the same and be in a perpetual state of low-grade chaos. 

In order to be productive and peaceful, you need to regularly engage in the following five steps:






Imagine feeling so grounded and confident that no matter what comes your way, you can handle it with grace and serenity. 

In order to become that version of yourself, you're going to need to get some clarity and then get organized enough to take regular, consistent, aligned action. 

You'll learn how to do all that in The Soulful Time Management Solution. 

Over the course of 2024, you'll get the following live via zoom done-with-you sessions:

  • Visioning 2024: How to Get Crystal Clear and Take Inspired Action Masterclass
  • 3 x Quarterly Review sessions to track your progress and celebrate your growth
  • Year End Retrospective to gather the goodness of the year and use that information to move forward
  • replays to all the sessions in case you can't attend live 


Conscious New Years Celebration

In this 90 minute live via zoom class, you will: 

  • feel energized, hopeful and open to possibility 
  • get connected with your highest self, along with some other lovely people
  • have the satisfaction of knowing you spent 1.5 hours doing something very good for yourself
  • wake up on New Year’s Day filled with possibility and fresh, light energy 

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