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There are no refunds, but here’s the deal. If you take the masterclass, do the work and document what you’ve done and you don’t feel like anything has shifted, Christina will give you two 30 minute private coaching calls (valued at $400) to see where you’re stuck and help you move through. See? That’s totally better than getting your money back, because we’re after transformation, not refunds. 

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Masterclass: Balance is Out; Harmony is In

Are you pretty hard on yourself? Do you think and ruminate about how you could have made things better? Do you go over your mistakes in your mind ad nauseum?

If you have a habit of being not so nice to yourself, you might even be judging yourself for being 'out of balance'.

If you think that your life would be better if it was just more balanced, think again. Striving for a balanced life is just another way that we beat ourselves up.

What if you could learn to embody harmony instead so that you could be kinder and gentler with yourself?

You're invited to: Balance is Out: Harmony is In.

Date: Friday, August 27

Time: 12:00pm Pacific/1:00pm Mountain

This Masterclass is a done-with-you experience, meaning that you'll be guided through some powerful reflections and processes to help you go from self-judgement to self-acceptance.

By taking 90 minutes to learn what your body has to tell you about balance and harmony, you'll discover how to soften your approach to life so you don't have to try so hard. You'll make it easier for what you want to find you.

Even if you can’t attend live, you’ll get permanent access to the recording so you can follow along at your convenience.

Once again, we're doing a sliding scale to make the class as accessible as possible. Based on where you’re at right now, you can take the live masterclass for $47, $97 or $147. 

Whatever price point you choose, this live online class will: 

  • More kindness and gentleness towards yourself
  • Increased spaciousness in your life so that you can more effectively accomplish what you want without the stress and pressure
  • A huge weight off your shoulders (and if you have neck or shoulder tension, this masterclass will make a difference)
  • A better understanding of how to interpret what your body is trying to tell you

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You'll have lifetime access to the recording so that anytime you need a refresher for being kinder and gentler with yourself, just revisit the replay and you'll know exactly what to do.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you click the Subscribe to our email list box. Otherwise we can't send you the information on how to access the masterclass.