Saturday, November 16

Ross Glen Hall, Mount Royal University Registration 8:30am; Program 9am-6pm

Overwhelmed? Stressed out? Frazzled?

Who could you be...if you stopped putting everyone else's needs above your own...

If you knew how to ask for help and receive it...

If you had overflowing energy...

If you practiced self-care without guilt...



Gather in community with like-minded women who are looking for innovative ways to incorporate effective self-care strategies into their lives.


Self-Care is something we put on the back-burner not because it's complicated, but because we feel like we don't deserve it. The Courageous Self-Care Festival is going to change all that.

It's a day of learning how to fill yourself up so you can give from a place of love. You'll connect with wellness experts, like-minded women and most importantly, with your own self-worth.

Hear from Self-Care Experts during the morning keynote speech and in the afternoon "Choose Your Own Adventure" breakout sessions.

Fill out your Passport to Wellness in our Self-Care Marketplace. Win prizes, make meaningful connections and have fun!

Grab your burntout girlfriends. Take a break from all your "have-to's" and "should's" and give yourself the gift of day full of self-care. 

You'll gain fresh perspectives, get new ideas and go on a journey orf personal discovery.

If you're sick and tired of putting yourself last, come to the Courageous Self-Care Festival. You deserve to be at the top of your list.



Hear from the best teachers that our industry has to offer. At the Festival, you'll get to Choose Your Own Adventure so you can hear the speakers who align with what you need most. 

Festival Organizer


Christina helps highly successful but overwhelmed professionals and entrepreneurs get fierce about their self-care so that they can amplify their productivity while coming from a place of deep inner nourishment.

Through her premium coaching, workshops and online programs, Christina helps stressed out women revitalize their energy from the inside out so that they come from the energy overflow rather than from resentment, frustration and bitterness. 



3 Transformational Secrets for More Energy, Less Stress and a Healthier You (without giving up everything you love)

I truly believe that we all deserve to live our best lives. A life that we create and design for ourselves filled with vitality, energy, health and joy. A life in which we thrive instead of just surviving day to day.

After all, if the Queen or King don’t eat first, the Kingdom will fail! Meaning, if we don’t take care of ourselves first, everything else around us will crumble. Are you ready to unleash your best life? See you soon!


Lynn Profitt

“F” It All… I Am Living My Way

Being diagnosed with cancer is scary enough but the more you research the more confusing and discouraging it gets. What do you do?

Come join me as I share my story and provide some insight into the world of cancer as seen through energy. When I looked at cancer through this lens it was certainly not what I had been told cancer was and it helped me to see the experience as an opportunity! I started Living My Way!


Cari Frame

The Way In – How to Stop Self-Loathing Once and For All

Every moment of life is precious and full of possibility. Yet, massive amounts of our time and energy are wasted on a war within ourselves. We are often so busy feeling bad about ourselves, it can feel like a struggle to truly connect to life. Self-loathing can be so overwhelming, in fact, that we can even turn away from love.

Cari Frame, Internationally Certified Life Coach, is passionately and professionally helping people connect to life’s gifts by learning how not to live from a place of self-loathing and inner negativity.

In this 60-minute talk, Cari will share with you the power to change that you already have within you. You will be moved and inspired to finally, deeply feel and receive the love and kindness you deserve. Life is a precious gift, and you deserve to live from a place of love. Join Cari to learn The Way In.


Dr. Joanny Liu

The Doctor's Secrets to Health, Success and Fulfillment

Dr. Joanny has studied and observed what makes certain people have everything they want. And it is possible to have it all. Yes, they do things differently, but there are 3 things more important than what they are doing. What are these things?

Come and learn from Dr. Joanny at her talk at Courageous Self-Care Festival. She’ll save you years of frustration trying to figure it out on your own! 


Stacey Berger

3 Keys to Accelerate Your Results

Stacey is a Master Coach versed in how to create results. In this session you will gain greater clarity on your vision and leave with even more confidence in your ability to achieve your goals.


Candace McKim

Women & Worth, Wealth & Wellness

These words 'Women and Worth, Wealth and Wellness' ignite passion!  

Candace’s interactive approach inspires WOMEN to get excited about re-connecting to powerful divine femininity by truly honouring personal herstories.  

With Candace’s wise and fun-loving style, reclaim WORTH to navigate confidently in todays society, recognizing opportunities for WEALTH, joy and abundance. Gain clarity on your purpose while maintaining a strong focus on WELLNESS and sustainability. 

As an everyday woman, Candace combines yoga/meditation practices with extensive counselling experience, supporting you to courageously connect to your inner knowing, purpose and dreams. It takes confidence to live with compassion!


Mary June Tracy

Moon Manifesting & Aligning to Your Desires

Living in attunement to the Lunar Cycles teaches us to participate in harmony with the natural rhythms that govern our emotional and experiential world. Rather than being overwhelmed by the surface turbulence of our growth and awakening process, we become empowered within its underlying current. We establish an inner peace that is in tune with the natural cycles of life.

Rather than fighting our daily experience or attempting to force outcomes that are out of touch with our inherent life cycles, we learn to embrace our experience in the unconditional acceptance that makes possible true inner change. We can then manifest in our outer world, and in our relations, the changes we truly seek.

Living in attunement to the Lunar Cycles supports our greatest well being and the manifestation of our highest potential and its expression on Earth.


Charmaine Ironside

Weight Loss and Wellness Roadmap: Effectively transform your body and life while enjoying the journey

Come learn Charmaine's top tips that will help you achieve the results you want for your body with more success and enjoyment than you ever thought possible!

If you are tired, confused and disappointed with quick fix solutions that lead to an eventual rebound weight gain then this life changing, body transforming presentation is for you!



Changing Our Stress Response

Learn the hidden techniques in recognizing and changing our bodies’ reaction to stress. Learn how you can have less pain, less response to stress, more ease of movement, better sleep and a greater quality of life.


Sam Bell

Rise of the Divine Feminine, Fall of the Patriarchy

In this talk, Sam weaves a magical story of reflection, demonstrating how within a story of adversity, there always lies a powerful gift. A gift that woman by woman is changing the world in which we live.

In this context, she encourages her audience to reflect upon the statement made by the Dalai Lama at the Vancouver Peace Festival, 2009 "The world will be saved by the western woman and explains the Paradigm Shift that is dismantling the Patriarchy.

This powerful, emotive yet ‘filled with humour’ talk, demonstrates how we seek freedom from the patriarchy and all forms of oppression that exploit and devalue women, peoples and the environment, and begin to see societies working towards radical transformation and focusing on their relationships between people and of the relationships between people and nature.


Brandi Taylor

You are the Puzzle ~ the Greatest Love Story Ever Told

Life events guide and govern our thoughts, choices, and ultimately our behaviours. We see life through these experiences. Big events have an emotional attachment, hold us in our weakest moments, and stop us from really living. All without our knowing.

All events in our early life are big to us. We think we get over them or that they don’t really affect us. I know, I thought I had. In my twenties, I'd worked through some big wounds from my childhood but years later my world showed me just how deeply ingrained these patterns really were and how they were subconsciously creating the life I didn’t want… until 5am one fateful morning everything changed.

So how do we live a life that really excites us when we're being held in our past with no control over it? How do we let it go? This is the journey to releasing our past and live a life of Good to Great to EXCEPTIONAL. 


Melody Chardon

Embrace Your Natural and Necessary Grief

You may associate grief with the death of a loved one, but any life change can cause grief. Divorce, relationship breakup, miscarriage, career change, job loss, retirement, caring for aging parents or selling the family home can all trigger the emotions of grief.

Grieving is a highly individual experience. How you grieve depends on many factors including your life experience, personality and coping style. While grief is inevitable, most of us have never been taught how to grieve. The coping strategies we use are unnatural, unhelpful and unhealthy.

During this presentation Melody Chardon will provide safe, healthy and effective strategies to help you:

  • Identify and come to terms with past or present grief
  • Cope with the lingering pain of loss or change
  • Pick up the pieces and move on with your life

Imagine what could be possible once you Embrace Your Natural and Necessary Grief.



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