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What challenges are you experiencing in your life currently? Please be specific so we can start with the best breathwork journey for you. 

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What changes would you love to experience in your life? 

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What interests you about a 9D Breathwork session?

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Select the journey themes below that you're interested in:

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Letting Go and Moving On (excellent for forgiveness and releasing anything that's stuck)


Abundance (to amplify your capacity to create and receive wealth and prosperity)


Full Reset (ideally suited for those who feel worn out and fatigued by life's pressures, and are ready to commit to the process of revitalizing their existence for a new beginning)


Stress and Anxiety (a gentle escape from anxiety by introducing tranquility and balance)


Transcending Fear (tailor-made for individuals who are prepared to confront and overcome their profound anxieties and fears. Perfect for those seeking a deeper exploration of resilience)


The Awakening (for anyone ready to break free from societal conditioning and the narratives imposed by media, governments, and outside influences. Rediscover your empowered, sovereign, and free self beyond the dream spell)


The Origin (designed for anyone feeling disconnected from their true essence, eager to let go of bodily tension and blockages. This session is a sanctuary for those seeking to reestablish harmony and reconnect with their innermost being, inviting a profound reawakening to the core of who they are)


Reconnecting with your Inner Child (optimal for anyone that is looking to reconnect the fragmented parts of themselves by rewriting the narrative of their self abandonment so they can rebirth themselves in their adulthood as an integrated whole)


Integration & Regeneration (offers returning students an opportunity to reconnect with a deep sense of relaxation, grounding, and wholeness)


Healing Ancestral Lines (for anyone seeking to break free from intergenerational trauma, the root cause of human suffering. Liberate yourself and pave the way for a more empowered and resilient future)


5 Primary Trauma Imprints (delve deep into the healing process as we address the profound wounds of premature separation from love, rejection, abandonment, shaming, and lack of presence)

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You can start with an initial session for $300 and pay as you go if you'd like additional sessions OR you can book a series of 3 sessions (either two, three or four weeks apart) for $800. What's your preference?

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