So you're overwhelmed. You tend to put others' needs before your own. You sometimes (or most of the time) feel like you're drowning.

Here’s a special opportunity to have a FREE Overcome the Overwhelm Strategy Session.


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Hello High Achieving Successful Women,

Are you ready for a life where you're energized from the inside out: where you feel a river of deep contentment flowing through you even when you're juggling kids, aging parents, work, exercise, answering ALL the emails, checking off to-do lists, navigating deadlines and going to appointments...

Where you're filled with vibrant health and vitality and feel jazzed to get out of bed in the morning?

Where you can find the gift in any situation, no matter how ugly and unappealing the wrapping paper may be?

If you want to be able to navigate through all the things you pack into your daily life with grace and overflowing energy then you're in the right place. 

This is for you if you're:

feeling like you're life looks really good from the outside, but on the inside, you're feeling like you can't keep up with the image you've created

in the habit of hiding your emotions to protect others and are feeling numb or blocked

accomplishing amazing things in your career/work, but you're always on to the next goal or project and you don't really even have time to breathe (pause here to breathe :)

used to rushing from one place to the next and are always trying to pack one more thing in, which leaves you feeling stressed out and drained

expected to be strong and keep it all together, both by others and yourself

in a perpetual state of tiredness, exhaustion and overwhelm

noticing that your body is giving you some signals that something needs to change (like back pain, shoulder tension, sleep issues...)

always willing to say yes to requests that come your way, even though you have no idea how to make it fit into your already chaotic life

√ working hard and pushing through because you were taught that's the only way to make things happen and to be successful

Apply now to be considered for an Overcome the Overwhelm Strategy Session

You and I both know that you can't keep on living like this; that there's a better way.

You can ditch the overwhelm, overcome the exhaustion and be calm in the chaos. You can live a successful, highly productive and satisfying life while taking great care of yourself at the same time.

Take Your Next Step

I want to invite you to get started with a Overcome the Overwhelm Strategy Session. This is your next step towards feeling whole, energized and fulfilled in every part of your life, not just in your work.

You're Overcome the Overwhelm Strategy Session is a 1:1 call where we'll...

Uncover where the overwhelm is coming from and how it's holding you back

Find out what's getting in the way of your inner peace

√ Discover what you truly want: what do you want to see happen in the next 90 days, 6 months and a year from now in your life…

Determine how to double your productivity from a place of deep inner nourishment so that your efforts and results are sustainable

Explore whether we’re a client-mentor fit and if my Path of Peaceful Productivity Program is for you

Don't put this off any longer. Take action and apply now. 

If you're truly done with living in the overwhelm and feeling exhausted all the time, get in touch now. I'm so looking forward to our call. 

Apply now to be considered for an Overcome the Overwhelm Strategy Session

Something shifted after our last session. My world has been opening up. Before, I felt like a hollow fortress, caring for everyone but myself, strong but empty and in survival mode. Now I feel deep and less like a fortress. I’ve been letting the old me back in and feel more like I did when I was in my 20s.

Before, I felt like I had to keep my persona up and there was so much constriction
and contraction in me. Now I feel like I can be me and I’m making decisions for me.

I used to try to keep the peace. Now I’m doing self-care and I feel totally different. I've worked with some of the best healers in the world, and Christina is at the top of my list. 

Christina helped me become an Arizona Senator.  I was in the middle of a challenging campaign and when she talked about having joy and fun in your life and how that's important to stepping into greatness, I was intrigued. I told her that I was driven and hardworking but I'd forgotten how to have fun. 

With Christina's help, I became more joyful which caused others to be drawn to me and when you're running a grassroots political campaign, that's a big plus!  Thanks Christina - every woman running for office needs to have you as her coach! 

The most valuable thing I received from working with Christina was the space to forgive someone who I hadn’t spoken to in over ten years.

It’s given me the chance to open my heart and receive love from a community of women who aren’t judgmental; they are supportive. I’ve received the gift of patience with myself and with my growth. I feel a weight has been lifted.

There is easiness about the way I move and talk. The tightness in my chest is finally gone. I now know how to say yes with all my heart. 

I just had a wonderful session with Christina;  I love the way she works through the body to change the energy fields.  I am practicing the exercise she gave me, and already feel more flexible about allowing good to flow in and through me.  I especially liked the way she used positive questions and always allowed me to choose my level of participation. Her work completely aligns with the energy healing I do myself, and I recommend her, especially for women who want to accept, allow, receive, and BE more!

Visit Dr Kyre at

After working with Christina, I feel like I have a very full cup. I feel nourished, loved, peaceful, and like all is well with my soul.

When we began together, I had some very stagnant, stuck energy. It felt wonderful to be able to move
that energy out physically.

Christina’s knowledge base is amazing. As soon as I walked into the door of my home after the retreat, my family could tell that my energy was different. I’m so grateful for the life-changing gift presented through Courageous Self-Care. 

My time with Christina is one that ripples throughout my life. Her ability to combine very specific and meaningful music, conscious and playful dance, whole body mindful meditation and insightful and inspiring ways to look at courageous self care infuse me with a deeper knowing of my own power, resilience and continuous peace and harmony.

I am very thankful to experience her gifts of Courageous Self-Care when we work together. I have a very deep respect for Christina's openness to share during the process of her teaching. This enhances my capacity for sharing my own vulnerability in a safe and sacred space. 

I had a striking realization: I hadn't been nurturing myself because I felt guilty for relaxing. Once I realized that, I was able to make some changes. I’ve been more
conscientious about getting outside on my breaks at work so I can connect with nature. By feeling more connected to nature, I felt more connected to myself. Then, I felt more connected with my next patient and was able to speak the truth to him and his son.

I have a deeper understanding and appreciation for myself. I’m taking such good care of myself and I’m into self-care on so many levels. I’m
feeling lighter.

I’ve become ruthless in protecting what’s important to me. I’m now ready to stick up for myself. 

Apply now to be considered for an Overcome the Overwhelm Strategy Session


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